A Smart Dream Kitchen in Your Small Apartment!!

Are you one among the people who want to transform a small kitchen into a dream kitchen and do not know how to go about it?? Normally, the apartments have a compact and small kitchen. If you are living in one of those small apartments in Texas and are struggling to find space for your extra storage and new appliances, then it’s time for you to start looking at redesigning or remodeling your kitchen. The main things that contribute towards making a wonderful kitchen are lighting, storage and kitchen appliances. Making the best use of the available things, believe me, you’ll end up having a chef’s kitchen! Isn’t it exciting? Then here are some tips to help you utilize the kitchen space in your rental apartments efficiently.

  • Use small appliances instead of the large ones. For instance, you can opt for a lesser depth refrigerator which saves the latitudinal space. You can hang the Microwave ovens under the cabinets to save space.
  • A kitchen with empty corners creates dead-space. Cutting the corners by using them as a part of cooking space or for storage cabinets will avoid dead space.
  • Make effective use of the central portion of your kitchen. You can place a dining table with room for extra storage so that it serves many purposes at a time.
  • Use mirrors wherever possible to create the illusion of more space. Kitchens appear to be more pleasant and large with the proper use of lighting.
  • You can use a small empty wall to hang in all your cutlery in a well-organized way.
  • Use of glass doors in place of metal or wooden doors makes your kitchen look larger. It helps in providing better natural lighting.
  • Whether the kitchen is made with bright colors or dark colors or pale colors, channeling all the incoming light through non-curtained windows into kitchen makes it looks as large as possible.
  • Use counters with more depth which can accommodate more appliances and utensils providing more workspace.
  • You can design your dining table or breakfast counter to become an extension of your cooking area such that it serves multipurpose.
  • You can always think of using pull-out cabinet as a chopping desk or a chair or a storage cabinet and push it away when not in need in order to save space.
  • Don’t mess up the kitchen with all the unnecessary things, instead hide them in cabinets and use them when in need.
  • Painting your cabinet with pale colors create an illusion of more space since pale colors reflect light.
  • Choose textures and patterns on the ceiling of your kitchen to create an impression of kitchen having greater heights.
  • Use of tight and lean furniture like lean chairs, narrow and slim tables in the kitchen saves the precious floor space.
  • Use under-cabinet lights to make your kitchen more functional and pleasant.
  • Hooks are flexible and affordable and can be used to hang the mugs, pans, towels and pots. But using hooks in excess spoils the look.

With all the comprehensive tips and remodeling design techniques, it’s your turn to start making your dream kitchen in your apartments San Antonio.